Terry County Quilt Trail & Show - First Quilt Trail in Texas!
Quilt Trail every day; Quilt Show annually!

Welcome to Terry County, home of the first Quilt Trail in Texas

Our quilt trail honors our largest agricultural crop, cotton.  In fact, Terry county is part of the world's largest cotton patch.  Just think, the cotton in your shirt and jeans may have come from here.  The fabric in your favorite quilt may also be from a local cotton field!

We are pleased to announce that in February 2014 two new blocks were added to our quilt trail!  Both were dedicated to the memory of long-time Brownfield residents.  The Windmill block was placed in Hamilton Park in memory of Beth Geron.  As you enter Brownfield on Highway 62/82 from Lubbock, you will see Hamilton Park and the Windmill block.  Hamilton Park is near the intersection of Highway 62/82 and Highway 385.  Beloved former educator, Irene Rieck, is remembered with the Schoolhouse block at Oak Grove Elementary School, 1000 Cactus Lane.  Mrs. Geron and Mrs. Rieck were sisters, descendants of one of Brownfield's founding families, the Hamiltons.

Come to Brownfield throughout the year to see our Quilt Trail.  And, you are also invited to our awesome annual Quilt Show each April.  There is no entry or admission fee for our show.  There's also no judging; it's done solely for the love of quilts and quilters!  Nearly 200 quilts were exhibited 2014 Quilt Show held April 11 & 12, 2014.  Visitors from across Texas, five other US states and Canada enjoyed the artistry of the beautiful quilts!

We were the first county in Texas to have a Quilt Trail, an ag tourism project other counties are encouraged to implement.  In fact, Governor Rick Perry’s office issued a proclamation announcing the Quilt Trail Initiative in Houston on October 15, 2009 at the 35th Annual Houston International Quilt Festival .  The goal of the Initiative is to have a quilt trail connect all 254 counties in Texas, starting with 66 counties in North Texas.

The Terry County Quilt Trail was honored in Houston at the world's largest quilt festival as a Trail Blazer for the state-wide Quilt Trail Initiative. The Texas Quilt Trail Initiative will use the Terry County Quilt Trail as the foundation from which to start this very important agricultural tourism project.  At a luncheon for over 1000 participants, Terry County Quilt Trail block, County Farm, located at Sundown State Bank, was featured.  Learn more about our Quilt Trail on this site, and then come see our Quilt Trail any time during the year. 

We have many nice hotels, some of which serve a continental or full breakfast.  If you traveling in a recreational vehicle, stay at our RV park.  We  have many restaurants with a variety of food cuisines available. Visit the Brownfield Chamber of Commerce for lodging and dining options. 

Browse this site to learn more about our trail and show. Call 806-637-4060 or e-mail mary.collier@ag.tamu.edu if you have any questions.

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